Our Environment

Internationally recognized syllabus

The CITHM syllabus is designed to provide the students with managerial and organizational capabilities that will allow them to effectively step into and progress in their career. In order to ensure their success, CITHM has a globally recognized syllabus, with 22 subjects, where each specialization award will consist of the 22 modules and an additional 3 electives of their choice.

The core modules cover a range of subjects that are recognized internationally, to impart essential knowledge and skills to productively maneuver the hospitality industry. Starting from the basics, through modules like “Principles of Customer service” and “Facilities maintenance” to in-depth analysis of topics like “Hospitality and Catering Law”. In order to ensure the competence of the students in practical application, they are to take part in a mandatory, 4 month internship at “Talo Urban”.

Affordability in course fee

Here at CITHM, we believe that, proper education is an investment for a worthy future. Therefore, the course fees are prepared to guarantee affordability and flexibility, without being a burden for the students.

At the transfer, students have the opportunity to earn back a considerable sum of money, close to that of which they paid in the beginning, through field work and internships offered. Thereby, a clear advantage over many higher studies pursuers!

Transfer options

DITHM in connection with PSB academy in Singapore offers a wide range of options to its students, in terms of transference.

After completing 6 months of the Diploma in Global Hospitality management in Sri Lanka, the students have the opportunity to transfer to a foreign university, either in UK, Australia, or to PSB academy here in Singapore.

During the course of the 18 months, the students are required complete 12 months of academic work and 6 months of industrial work.


At the completion of their Diploma, a “top-up” degree is available, with an opportunity to complete that in either in UK or Australia. Edinburgh Napier University - Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Hospitality and Tourism Management (Top-up). 28 months.


The opportunity to complete the first 2 years with us and to transfer to a foreign university; “Edinburgh Napier University” in the final year is now available.

Ample practical exposure

Thorough exposure in the hospitality industry is a must for the students, for their growth as professionals in the field. The sole purpose behind the industry is to ensure customer satisfaction and to stand out with uniqueness, in this fast paced and competitive industry. To learn new trends, explore various departments in the industry and enhance knowledge, skills and confidence, hands-on practical training is needed.

CITHM is well aware of the challenges faced by the students, who are fresh out of college, with a clear lack of industrial training and competence in practical application of absorbed theoretical knowledge. Therefore, offers a diverse platform to interact with globally recognized professionals in the field, internal and external internships, Industrial visits, live case studies and events.

Backed by our own hotel

There are placements and internships offered by our very own hotel, “Talo Urban”, where our students have the convenience of gaining practical training, while they are completing their higher education. This is to ensure that the students gain a thorough industrial training, in all areas of hospitality management, without wasting time, money or resources in their part. Since the hotel,”Talo Urban”, is situated in close proximity and is supervised by the same team at CITHM, we believe the internships to be extremely effective.

Modern training with state of the art facilities

At CITHM we provide the students with the necessary facilities, in order to ensure a satisfactory training to meet the industry needs, in areas of Hospitality, Tourism, Food and Event management. We are confident, that our state of the art facilities and expert teaching together, can harness a qualified group of industry professionals.

Our facilities include, a fully equipped training kitchen, with facilities to train as a barista, a bar tender, food and beverage management.

  • Pastry Kitchen
  • Hot kitchen
  • Butchery

These kitchens are designed with the latest, state of the art equipment in order for the student to gain the necessary training in international cuisine. From confectionary to fully fledged meals.

  • Café

At our Café, “Café De Vos”, we provide the students with the opportunity to train as professional baristas.

  • Bar

This is where the students sharpen their knowledge and skills relating to bartending. With our state of the art facilities and our qualified team members, we are ready to demonstrate and train our student, to become professional bartenders.

  • Special meeting room and conference room
  • In-house guest dining room

This room facilitates an up-to-date learning environment, where the students will learn about service etiquette, proper dining room layout and planning.